5/28 Hausmo & ESS Fun One with Grey McMurry, M. Gees Gengras & Greg Fox Trio, Mukqs, Damjana, Kill Alters...9pm Eastern, twitch.tv/experimental_sound_studio


2/19 at Roulette with Snake Union and Katherine Liberovskaya.


10/9 at Nitehawk Cinema for live score of the 1978 film WATERSHIP DOWN.

4/18 at Nitehawk Cinema for live score of the film SEASONS.


9/28 at Sunnyvale with Genesis P-Orridge, Wetware, Eartheater and more.

7/26 at Nitehawk Cinema for live score of the film Malatesta's Carnival of Blood. 9:30pm.  

7/14 at HOLO with Shedding (KY), Josh Mason (FL) and Ian Epps. 7:00pm.

3/17 at Unnamed Gallery w/ visualist Yiyang Cao, Bob Bellerue, Matthew Regula, and George De Moura. 9:00pm.

1/20 at Harvestworks, 7-9pm: screening a selection from our video synthesis experiments.


Nov at Ende Tymes 8, screening of a selection of our video synthesis experiments.

10/31 Halloween Night LDP live score of CARNIVAL OF SOULS at Nitehawk Cinema

10/21 Nathan Cearley & Jonas Bers at The Spool Contemporary Art Space

9/23 at Spectrum with Michael Hix and others.

6/10 Nathan Cearley collaboration with Jonas Bers at Silent Barn

6/3 at Confetti Machine: Realtime Media Festival at Outpost

5/12 at Knockdown Center

4/3 until early summer Rheomodes  video installation at Printed Matter

3/31 at Printed Matter, opening performance for Rheomodes release and installation. 


3/9 at Trans Pecos with VHVL 


11/19 LDP at Park Church Co-op with Billy Gomberg, Jenn Grossman and Dylan A. Marcheschi

9/10 Nathan Cearley at OUTPUT. Early live hardware set.

9/24 Nathan Cearley and Jonas Bers at the Modular Equinox

7/15 w/ HYDROPARK (Fred Thomas) / GARDNER / VALLEY EXIT at Silent Barn 

May 21st w/ Drew McDowall & Hiro Kone, Nick Klein, LXV, Wetware and Mykola Haleta. With visuals by Jonas Bers. At Silent Barn.

April 23-24 @ The Basilica for the 24hr Drone Festival


March 9th: w/ MV Carbon, Anthony Saunders and Decrepit Jaw at Silent Barn


November 20th: w/ Sickness, Oneirogen and Blessed Thistle at the Archeron

November 2nd: w/ New Firmament, Bob Bellerue + Tomas Dimuzio, and Leila Bordreuil + Tamio Shiraishi at Silent Barn

October 8th: a/v set at the opening for the VHS only video art comp SEMIOTIC RECIPES at Spectacle Theater in Brooklyn.

July-August @ Clocktower Gallery at Pioneer Works:

8/9 opening of video installation "It Sounds Like Time Inside" and repeat of "Rumkala Malantara" performance

8/27 performance of a/v event "Sound & Time: Sacred Music after a God  


7/25 @ Voice of the Valley Noise Festival. Performing Sat night. 

6/27 @ Silent Barn with Drew McDowall + Hiro Kone, Nick Klein + Miguel Alvarino, Phantom Selector and Wetwork. 

5/28 @ Trans Pecos...Ad Hoc Presents LDP, Grasshopper, Mister Matthews and Kill Alters

5/17 @ Ende Tymes Festival 

4/25 and 26 @ Nitehawk Cinema for two nights of live scores to the film ALTERED STATES. 

4/03 @ Silent Barn Nathan Cearley w/ Gene Pick, LXV, Chicklette, and Ren Schofield. 

1/07 @ Nothing Changes w/ DREW MCDOWALL and HOOR PAAR KRAAT


11/07 @ Pageant Soloveev (philly) w/ Jeff Zeigler, LXV and Embarker

10/17 @ Silent Barn w/ LXV, Naka Naka and Bookworms

9/26 @ MoMA PS1 for the NY Art Book Fair. 5pm. http://nyartbookfair.com/events/

9/27 @ Silent Barn for the Experi-Mental Festival 

8/25 @ Glasslands with Opal Onyx, Small Death and Eartheater. 9 pm

8/7 @ the Voice of the Valley Noise Rally West Virginia

7/25 @ Silent Barn with Andrew Kirschner, Watchword, Hex Breaker, On a Clear Day and Goodwillsmith bdb Sugarm. 

6/28 @ the Hose with Theologian, Husere Grav, FRKSE, KHF and Swollen Organs

5/30 @ Silent Barn w/ Jahiliyya Fields, LXV, and Phantom Selector. MPEG visuals.

4/19 @ the Firehouse (Worcester, MA) w/ Gay Shapes, Antti Tolvi, Bratt Pitt, Isa Christ, Odwalla 88, Piglet Angelino, Microsleep, and TVE


3/28 @ Death By Audio w/ White Suns, Angel of Redemption (dominika michalowski + david buddin) and Nick Lesley


3/6 @ Pleasure Jail...Nathan Cearley w/ Richard Garet, David Schafer and Private Language. 9 pm. 

2/28 @ Quinn's in Beacon, NY...Nathan Cearley and Matthew Regula

1/24 and 1/25 @ Nitehawk Cinema...live score for a two night screening of the bird documentary WINGED MIGRATION w/ Josh Millrod and Ala Muerta



12/8 @ Silent Barn w/ Alan Watts, Bratt Pitt and Warcries

11/10 @ Silent Barn for the Voice of the Valley Noise Rally NYC Fundraiser

9/20 @ the Schoolhouse with Forma and Telecult Powers. 



9/9 @ St. Vitus w/ Planning for Burial, Nyodene D, Derek Rush and Lazurite.

8/16-18 @ Voice of the Valley Noise Rally 5th Year Anniversary Festival. Chloe, WV.


ESP TV and LDP Institutes present a one night celebration of summer, modular synthesizers, weird electronics and live video tapings!

Drew McDowall (ex Coil)

Dan Snazelle (of Snazzyfx)

Daniel Fishkin (adjunct professor, Bard College)

Mauro Remiddi + Chris Puidokas (installation artists, member of Porcelain Raft)

ESP Lab + Nathan Cearley (analog video noise + modular systems)

G. Lucas Crane + Ryan Soper (Nova Drones and modular systems cv'd together)

Derek Morton (modular systems)

installation by Kate Levitt and Brian Blomerth 

Katabsis (film by Cooper Holoweski with live score).

with DJs Eat Records and Matthew Radune

Doors at 6:30. Film at 7:00. Sets thereafter.

6/1 @ Bundy's w/ Hex Breaker Quartet, Slime Bag, Jonas Reinhardt & the Abyss of Fathomless Light, Fantastic Planet, STRNGLV, Fred Donalson, Lazurite, Sun Castle, and Gurl Crush

5/24-26 @ The Ende Tymes Festival 


5/05 @ The Silent Barn with Oren Ambarchi and Marco Fusinato.

5/14 @ The Silent Barn Nathan Cearley + Mark Dwinell (Forma), Josh Milrod (Grasshopper), Fire Death, Ilsa and others.

4/1 @ Silent Barn Nathan Cearley with composer David First making use of modular synthesizers, old oscillators, filter sweeps, and radios.

3/23 @ Silent Barn THE MODULAR SYNTHESIZER EQUINOX Nkc from LDP performs a special collaborative set with Mark Dwinell from Forma. The event also includes performances from Carol Santel, Detrop, Matthew Regula, Retribution Body, Drew McDowall and Matthew Sullivan.

2/22 + 2/23 @ Nitehawk Cinema to do a live soundtrack for Santa Sangre. Friday features guest Don McLean of Action Beat and Fortissimo Records and Saturday features guest Jesse DeRosa of Grasshopper, Hex Breaker, and Baked Tapes.  


1/28/12 @ Silent Barn w/ Bob Bellerue + Mister Matthews, Mateo Galindo, Mike Zorman and McCloud. Show starts at 9pm. 


1/05/13 @ Death By Audio w/ Compactor, OPPONENTS, Cloud Dweller and Shingles. Show starts at 9pm. $7.00

201212/17/12 @ Heaven Street for the Modular Winter Solstice. 

Drew McDowall (former member of Coil)

Detrop (members of York Factory Complaint, Ideal Forms, and Home Blitz)

Mark Dwinell (Forma) + Nathan Cearley (Long Distance Poison)

Delta Delta Delta

All modular synthesizer sets. Show starts at 9pm. $8.00. 

2/06/12 @ La Sala w/ Controlled Bleeding, Charles Cohen, OPPONENTS and Zilmrah11/28/12 @ Death By Audio w/ Ancient Ocean, Afterlife and The Hexbreaker Quartet (members of Grasshopper and Telecult Powers)

10/13 and 10/14/12

Long Distance Poison opens both nights of WHISPERS AT THE AUTUMN BOWL:

Friday October 12th features

Creep DJ Set

David Linton with Alex Waterman, David First, and David Watson

Alice Cohen

Long Distance Poison

Shark Sleep


Saturday October 13 follows with

Prince Rama


Elisa de Prato

Christopher Cerrone

DJ set from Bryce Hackford

A weekend of sound based and sound inspired art.

Both nights start at 8pm

Tickets $15 in advance, $20 at the door


9/22/12 @ Death by Audio:

Modular Synth Autumn Equinox:

.Shawn Devin O'Sullivan (mem Led Er Est)

.DeTrop (Ryan Martin of Dais / YFC//Theresa Smith of Home Blitz// Dave Grant of Ideal Forms/ Action Patrol)

.Retribution Body (from Boston)

.Matthew Regula (mem Telecult Powers)

.Nathan Cearley (mem Long Distance Poison)

9/21/12 @ The Meatlocker in Montclair NJ for the Prison Tatt Records Showcase w/ T.O.M.B., The Communion, KILT, and EID.

9/19/12 @ Death By Audio w/ KILT, Maria Chavez and Laura Ortman + Michael Garafalo

9/07 & 9/08 @ Nitehawk Cinema LDP performs a live soundtrack to the documentary MICROCOSMOS at two midnight showings. LDP will be accompanied by composer David First on Friday and by Telecult Powers member Matthew Regula on Saturday. 

8/21/12 ESP TV #17: LDP "Signal III" with Matthew Caron. Tues August 21st at 10pm on Ch. 67 Time Warner in Manhattan 

8/05/12 @ The Wassaic Project arts festival at noon. 

8/03/12 @ La Sala w/ Gay Shapes, ISA Christ, Seabat and EarthMasters.

07/03/12 @ Eris Temple Arts in Philadelphia with Charles Cohen, Celebrator and Opponents

06/20/12 @ Death By Audio: MODULAR SOLSTICE. Nathan Cearley of LDP with Drew McDowall (ex Coil), Matthew Regula (Telecult Powers), Mark Dwinell (FORMA) and Jesse DeRosa (Grasshopper): all modular and semi-modular sets. $7.00

06/11/12 @ INTIMAN/PLAYHOUSE, PACS Gallery, outer space and the internet. LDP, with the help of Matthew Caron and ESP TV, will be producing a new work in Brooklyn at the PACS Gallery that will be simultaneously transmitted via HAM radio into outer space, projected before a live audience at the INTIMAN/PLAYHOUSE at the Seattle Center and broadcast live on the internet. The work is called "A Third Signal to A Habitable Zone". The online steaming is available at http://n50.onetotheworld.net/arts04.

05/04/12 @ Theaterlab with Phillipe Petit (France),PAS, Larry Zilmrah and David First

4/20-4/21/12 @ Nitehawk Cinema Jordorowky's epic psychedlic masterpiece THE HOLY MOUNTAIN with a live score by Long Distance Poison at Nitehawk Cinema. Two nights only limited screening. SOLD OUT

03/02/12 @ Lone Wolf with Jonas Reinhardt, SSPS and Behavior 8:30pm 

02/09/12 @ Port d'Or with High School Confidential, Osborne and Shurdut duo, Embarker and Gay Shapes

01/24/12 as House Cats (members LDP and Mr. Matthews of Telecult Powers) at Big Snow Buffalo Lodge w/ Axinite, Grand Voyager,The Big Ship, and UNIVERSE

01/21/12 @ Big Snow Buffalo Lodge w/ M Geddes Gengras and Ancient Ocean 

01/09/12 @ Death by Audio with Yellow Star Crystal, Rust Worship, and OPPONENTS 8:30 pm sharp. 


12/08/11 @ Kims Music 124 1st Ave NYC...special holiday outer space in-store performance with Matthew Caron taking over the in-house video system 6:30 pm sharp.

11/10/11 @ Cameo Gallery PRISON TATT RECORDS LABEL SHOWCASE with Todd Pendu (Chaos Majik) record release, Communion and Husere Grav.

10/13/11 @ Zebulon with INA (Melanie Moser), and Sondra Sun-Odeon 

9/27/11 @ Death by Audio with Lussuria, Decimus and Seladora (Oakland)

8/30/11 @ Zebulon with SETH (JFR/Lala of Excepter) and Columboid

8/20/11 @ The Schoolhouse for Barn Aid 3 w/ SSPS, Controlled Bleeding,Nonhorse, ERAAS, Clang Quartet, ODO, Family Jewels. 

7/15/11 @ Silent Barn w/ Steve Moore & Jonas Reinhardt, Lussuria, ODO (Mark Dwinell of FORMA) and Andy & Zeus

7/10/11 @ Death By Audio w/ Arc in Round and Beige

6/28/11 @ Bowery Electric--The Brooklyn Flea and BUST Magazine present: The Trachtenburg Family Slideshow Players, Roughstars, Light Spells, Long Distance Poison and Childproof

6/18/11 @ The Psychedelic Solstice Noise and Light Show at the Nyack Village Theatre w/ OPPONENTS, Hex Breaker, and Frequent Animation

5/07/11 @ The Brooklyn Experimental Music Festival at New Sonic (w/Thomas Watkiss)

4/30/11 @ Party Expo w/ ODO (Mark Dwinell of FORMA) and Andy & Zeus

4/22/11 @ Vaudeville Park w/ Grasshopper and OPPONENTS

4/15/11 @ Silent Barn w/ Shawn Devin O'Sullivan, Hex Breaker, and Andy & Zeus

4/07/11 @ Zeublon w/ El G and Aaron Rosenblum

3/26/11 @ The Schoolhouse w/ Mist (John Elliot of Emeralds), Driphouse and FORMA

3/25/11 @ WFMU Radio--live performance of "SISU" on Wm. Berger's MY CASTLE OF QUIET radio show

1/24/11 @ The Silent Barn w/ OPPONENTS, Two Years on Welfare, and Afterlife


12/15/10 @ Zebulon w/ Driphouse and Sondra Sun-Odeon w/ Helena Espvall

11/06/10 @ Division of Human Works OMINOUS CLOUDS OVER BROOKLYN w/ Heliotaxis and Ala Muerta 

8/13/10 @ Party Expo w/ Outer Space (John Elliot of Emeralds), Drainolith,Slasher Risk and SexXxual Iceland (members of Telecult Powers and Excepter)

7/16/10 @ The Old American Can Factory for IFC Films Presents a Rooftop Films premier of WE DON'T CARE ABOUT MUSIC ANYWAY (w/ C.Lavender)

5/30/10 @ Zebulon w/ Duane Pitre Sextet and Kyle Bobby Dunn

4/10/10 @ Littlefield w/ Mahogany and Arc in Round

3/04/10 @ Santos Party House w/ Luke Roberts and Paul Booker


12/07/09 @ Matchless w/ K-Holes, Dubknowdub and Behavior

10/29/09 @ Secret Project Robot w/ Dubknowdub, K-Holes, Ana Lola Roman and Hostess Beaut